About - Idoia Iribertegui
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I studied Fine Arts in Salamanca and then I moved to Barcelona where I lived for 15 years.

After a few rounds around the world, I returned to my roots in a small town in the north of Spain where I grew up, Huarte. I like to go for a walk every morning near the river and I often see squirrels and other curious critters.

I live with my husband, also an illustrator and graphic designer and our daughter who is also a cartoonist at 11 years old.

Our house is full of pencils, markers and brushes!

I am vivacious and a natural urbanite. From time to time, I escape to London for a little while, and I buy loads of books and a lot of tea.

I am a very bad photographer and I´m learning to play the ukulele.




I have been working as a professional illustrator since 2003, but I have been creating life on paper all my life.

My art is published in textbooks, novels, magazines and other types of publications. I also work with name-brands and institutions doing commercial illustration of all kinds.

In addition, I teach classes and workshops related to the illustration and use of image as a means of expression.



Richmon Publishing, Random House Mondadori, Ediciones Glenat, Planeta, Anaya, Santillana, Ediciones B, Montena entre otros.

You can check my track record here.




Every day people are often present in my work. I am interested in telling their stories, seeing how they interact with each other, or with the environment. I especially like domestic spaces; intimate settings. I also frequently draw places from urban environments as I am fascinated by historical buildings, the older the better.

Other things that I enjoy drawing are: rooftops under the blanket of night, majestic neglected gardens, abandoned dilapidated houses with large windows, secret greenhouses, old shop windows, aged wooden counters and cabinets, worn mosaics; cities stopped in time, forgotten happy moments brought to life with breezy intense colors.

My style is fresh, affectionate and full of details. I apply textures and patterns whenever I can.

My favorite tool is pencil (graphite or color) and I adore watercolors and Chinese ink.

Whenever the project allows it, I prefer working by hand. At the end, I use a digital process for finishing touches or small things.



IMC Literary Agency represents my work in Europe.